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[Okay, so it was definitely kind of weird that Rosie was gathering up all these animals to take care of when they lived in a literal post-apocalyptic wasteland. It was setting herself up for heartbreak, really-- a flood or plague or famine could sweep in at any moment, leaving one or more of her pets dead. Why get attached to something that was probably destined to die early? Especially if it couldn't take care of itself.

But Rosie's makeshift zoo kept the animals safe from people who'd want to kill and eat them, so overall, April wasn't really complaining. (In this place-- where you actually had to kill and eat your own meat, something she hadn't actually been able to make herself do yet-- she was seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.) She even helped her roommate and kinda-sorta-maybe friend out a lot. It was a lot for just one person to handle.

And so here she is, heading back home from a not-incredibly-successful scavenging trip. She stops at the makeshift front door of their little hut.]

Knock, knock. Have you been killed and eaten yet?
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[Vriska had been on Earth for about six weeks, and it hadn't taken her long to realize that finding Pitch was going to be a lot harder than she had anticipated.

She hadn't thought it would necessarily be easy-- but she's starting to worry that it'll be downright impossible. She'd found other spirits, and asked them-- and they'd either had no idea where Pitch was, had no clue who she was talking about, or simply didn't want to help her find him. It's frustrating, to say the least.

But she isn't going to give up. It's what she tells herself each evening when she wakes up (since Pitch himself prefers the night, she'd gone back to being nocturnal as soon as she'd arrived on the planet, figuring he'd be easier to find when it was dark out). Even if she has to search for years, or decades-- she has every intention of finding him.

When she finally does, it's entirely accidental. She's climbing a tree, planning to get high up enough to survey the area... when the branch under her cracks and sends her careening down towards the ground-- towards the rotting remains of an old wooden bed, actually. She twists to try to avoid it, but it doesn't work; the wood gives under her weight and she crashes through.

But instead of hitting the ground, she keeps falling, down into a hole that the bed had apparently been concealing.

Fuck. There's no way this is going to be any help in her search.]


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