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[He doesn't talk about it much, but Pitch actually goes a little stir-crazy in Haven sometimes. Of course, that doesn't mean he dislikes it in the city-- he's visible to everyone, and there's plenty of fear (the right kind of fear, even), so he can't complain about that. But he's used to having an entire planet as his playground, and here he can't even get from one quadrant of the city to another without walking. It's maddening.

Right now he's making his nighttime rounds in Haven West, wishing for the umpteenth time that he could just shadow-step over to the North and check things out over there really quickly. He's so distracted by his thoughts that at first, he doesn't even notice the small, colorful figure flying around a good twenty feet above his head. When he does notice, though, he isn't pleased. He immediately stalks into the closest shadow and teleports himself up onto the top of a nearby rooftop-- where he just stands, and stares, and waits.]


[He says it loudly enough that she should be able to hear him, if she hasn't already spotted him.]
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[After his defeat at the hands of the Guardians, Pitch is laying low. He sort of has to, he knows. His plan had failed, and until he thinks up a new one-- a better one-- he doesn't want to attract their attention. That means no grand gestures, no big stunts, and definitely no tainting of the Sandman's good dreams. Which is too bad, really, because he misses doing that. He'd grown to like his nightmare horses, and now they're gone.

But he's adaptable, and there's still fear in the world-- and nightmares. He's watching one of them right now. It isn't a major one, really; just a kid dreaming he's standing in the middle of a crowded school hallway without pants on, and is being laughed at. But all the other people on the block are either still awake or having good dreams, so Pitch is taking what he can get.

He's lurking just outside the room. The window's cracked. He can slither in to get a closer look, and there's nobody around to stop him... right?]
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[In the grand scheme of things, a few years is nothing to Pitch. He's been around in one form or another for millions of them, after all; what was three or four? And so, though he's spent a bit of time around Emilou Apacci (and had, at least to a certain extent, grown to enjoy her company), he'd thought nothing of dropping off her radar for a few years. She'd angered him. Not seriously, all things considered; he's used to people belittling him and saying he had no place in the world anymore. But he hadn't expected it from her-- and he'd been angry at her for saying it, and angry at himself for letting it bother him more then it would if it had been anyone else.

Still, eventually, he does get a little curious about what she's up to. So he sets off to find her again. He's still not sure whether or not he's going to reveal his presence to her once he does, though.]


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