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[If twenty-first century London had been overwhelming, twenty-first century New York City is even more so. The buildings are taller, the crowds are more dense, and the streets feel claustrophobic - in some places it feels like you can barely see the sky. It's dizzying when he looks up, but it's hard not to look up, because the sight is breathtaking. He isn't actually sure how much he likes it, but he can't look away.]

Here, can we get to the top of one of these?

[It's a creepy thought. He's never been so high in his life. But he knows that if she says yes, he's going to want to try it, because the curiosity will burn if he doesn't.]
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[Alfie's pointing at a random skyscraper, but Claire nods, grinning.]

Of course, let's go!

[Not just any of them, either. She'll take him to the Empire State Building. At least, if she's going to get to show him around for a day or two, she'll do it right. Linking her arm with his, she leads him forward, still smiling. .]

I would take you to have a look at Times Square, but I'm really worried you're actually going to pass out at it.