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[From here.

That is a very excellent shiver. But first things first, he needs to shut that door - on his list of things that he doesn't want interrupted by a freaky gigantic pet snake, this is pretty high. He turns back toward her once he's done, his own shirt half-unbuttoned. He stands there for a moment or two, just taking her in - and then he strides over and runs a hand along her side, down to the hem of her shirt.]
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[ It serves to amuse her that Alfie is so bothered by the python, as if it isn't unusual to have a dangerous and loose creature in the household when you have guests over. There's a soft chuckle in the back of her throat, fading into a hum as Alfie's hand trails down her shirt. She still doesn't make any motion to undress herself, placing the onus on Alfie.

Nimble fingers, however, do reach for his pants, gliding over to the belt to begin loosening it. ]
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[ She does, pulling her hands away from his belt only to get her shirt off before she's back to undoing it. Once that's done and she's loosened his pants, she tugs him by the waist on top of her, wrapping a leg around him.

She leaves the lacy bra on for now, her hands exploring his chest, nails raking across as she reaches up to kiss him hard again. She bites at his lower lip, growling against him. ]
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[ She registers his interest, her own heightening the further long Alfie's hand dips. While she enjoys someone who can challenger her, she very much enjoys being the one to call the shots in bed, her need for control always present.

Before his hand can get to her waist, Hemali pushes upwards with her hips, forcibly rolling them so she can get Alfie under her. She straddles him in a rough gesture, her hands snatching his wrists so she can pin them to the bed.

Her heart begins to pace a little faster, her skin warm and flushed. ]

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[ She doesn't get a moment to add anything; her mouth is on his, kissing him hungrily. She bites again and this time much harder than she had before, not enough to draw blood, but hard enough to sting. She wants to evoke some kind of reaction out of him, kissing and biting him as her other hand slips from his wrist and down his chest. ]
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[ A zipper located in the back, but she won't make it easy for him. The groan is a delightful sound, stirring her own desire and excitement, but it isn't enough — not yet anyway. So her hand continues to slide past Alfie's waist, getting into his pants and begins to stroke at his cock in slow motions.

She breathes hard against him, breaking away from his lips so she can focus on his neck, peppering it with kisses and moving upwards toward his ear. She listens for his reaction, gauging the way his own body reacts to her touch the harder she strokes him. ]
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[ Caught off guard, Hemali finds herself on her back again, bra straps tumbling down her shoulders with the jerky movement. Her hair spills out from its loose bun, long strands falling all around her face and the pillow beneath her. She grins up at him, her eyes bright and lustful, heart hammering in her chest now. ]

You don't stay down, do you?
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[ She'll oblige him, lifting her hips so the pants come off easily and quickly, but as soon as they're off are her hands diving for his own again. This time she's rougher, nails nearly stabbing his sides to wriggle him out of his pants. ]

Now you.

[ It's a game now of who's going to get nude first and Hemali doesn't plan on winning that one. ]
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[ A quiet groan escapes her, rolling her hips forward against his in slow, tantalizing motions. She can feel the heat coming off his body, sharing hers as well against him the closer she brings her body to his. Her fingers slide up his firm shoulders, curling around the fabric of the shirt so she can get him out of it, once again her touch nowhere near as gentle as it should be.

She directs her attention back to his neck, biting at his flesh and leaving a trail of red down to his collar bone. ]
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Scared of a little pain?

[ She whispers, her voice low and sultry. There's a pang of excitement when his finger slips into her underwear, her thighs tingling pleasantly. The sensation travels up her spine, getting her to jerk ever so slightly before she decides to return the favor, her hand trailing back into his boxers so she can reach for his cock. ]
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[ Her fingers wrap around him, stroking him up and down, gradually speeding up as she continues. She's watching for his reaction, drinking in every little sound and movement he makes, her very own excitement growing in turn.

Once her underwear is off, she sits up a bit so she can reach around for the bra band with her free hand. ]
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[ It only takes a second or two — it's off in one fluid movement, the bra being flung behind her head and disappearing somewhere in the room. With her hand free again, she returns to exploring Alfie's chest, trailing higher until she's dug her fingers in his beard to pull his mouth back to hers in a heated kiss. ]
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[ The base of her stomach tightens at the sensation, little volts of electricity that shoot down her legs into her toes, sometimes up into her shoulders. She feels hot and dizzy, but not to the point where her self-control slips. No, she might be enjoying this little romp, but nobody has that kind of hold on her.

Her tongue flicks out, tracing his bottom lip before sliding back into his mouth. Finally letting go of his cock, both hands work their way up and down his chest, then over his back roughly, leaving red marks along the side of his spine. ]

Beg for it.
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[ His defiance actually has her taken aback slightly; nobody — men in particular — says no to her, whether she's compelling them or not. In the bedroom it's almost too easy to get someone to do as she bids, just by caressing or kissing them somewhere, pushing them closer to the edge and never quite bringing them over.

It amuses her that Alfie denies her, though she won't relent yet. She grabs at his hand, that inhuman strength again preventing Alfie from exploring further. ]

If you want it, then I want you to say it.

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