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[It was a stroke of good luck that had put Alfie within a day's walk of the police station, where Fiona had revived. Watson is on his way too, as are (tentatively) Angel and Rhys - but they're days behind, and there's no question that Alfie will make it to her first. Selfishly, he can't help but be glad about that.

She gets herself to a nearby house, and he's there half a day later - quickening his pace as he sees it up ahead, and calling out her name before he's even up the front steps.]

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[Who knew dying sucked so much? It isn't even so much the revival that bothers Fiona, it's the fact that she can remember the Joker beating her to death. It takes a lot to shake Fiona up, and even now she's trying to compartmentalize, to shove it into the back of her mind as something that happened and that she has to deal with, or attempt to ignore completely. Usually, she's very good at it. Not this time.

She messages Alfie and Watson first. She's still not on good terms with Rhys, but after a bit of persuasion, she finally gets ahold of him, too. And then it's just... waiting. She knows she should be doing something useful, like searching houses for supplies, and she makes a cursory effort in the house she finds herself in as she waits for Alfie, but she can't focus on it. Fiona isn't the type to be needy or clingy, but when Alfie says he's close enough to meet her by lockdown, she's more relieved than she admits. When she hears Alfie's voice, a little of the tension drains from her shoulders, and she opens the door, trying to look nonchalant. He knows her well enough to see through it.]

Hey. You sure know how to keep a girl waiting.

[She's trying, at least.]
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Yeah, sorry. You know me.

[She trails off, gesturing vaguely. It was supposed to be a stupid bandit joke, but she can't quite manage it. Fiona forces a smile back, then slips forward to wrap her arms around him, burying her face in his shoulder. Just for a second, she tells herself. She just needs a second.]
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[That second drags on longer than she anticipated, because he tangles his fingers in her hair and she finds herself completely unwilling to move.]

Yeah. Guess it was the whole being dead thing.

[Another attempt at a joke that doesn't really sound like a joke. She's off her game.]
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My hero.

[She sits down obediently, wrapping a blanket around herself.]</small? You don't know where my hat went, do you?
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[Fiona makes a face when he hands her the hat, but she can't complain too much. At least they saved it for her.]

I think I'm just going to steal yours for good.