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Alfie Solomons ([personal profile] devoutish) wrote in [community profile] wickedchouette2016-10-22 08:37 pm

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[Alfie has been aware of Edgeworth since he'd arrived, but hasn't gone out of his way to talk to him. They don't quite move in different circles - that's hard to do, in a ruined town of less than 100 people - but so far, Alfie knows very little about the guy, and he doubts that Edgeworth knows much more about him.

So when they end up at the same house one night, too close to the nightly lockdown for either of them to find someplace else, there's a little bit of dancing around each other to be done. Alfie settles on the couch (though later he plans to make a bid for the only bedroom and its bare mattress) to sort through his things, digging out a half-empty box of Cheez-Its for dinner. He's been quiet so far, pretty much ignoring Edgeworth, but now he tilts the box in his direction.]

Would you like a cracker?

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