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[Alfie has been aware of Edgeworth since he'd arrived, but hasn't gone out of his way to talk to him. They don't quite move in different circles - that's hard to do, in a ruined town of less than 100 people - but so far, Alfie knows very little about the guy, and he doubts that Edgeworth knows much more about him.

So when they end up at the same house one night, too close to the nightly lockdown for either of them to find someplace else, there's a little bit of dancing around each other to be done. Alfie settles on the couch (though later he plans to make a bid for the only bedroom and its bare mattress) to sort through his things, digging out a half-empty box of Cheez-Its for dinner. He's been quiet so far, pretty much ignoring Edgeworth, but now he tilts the box in his direction.]

Would you like a cracker?
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[Edgeworth hasn't been here long enough to be very well-versed in the town's 'idiosyncrasies,' and he knows even less about some of its residents. The one he's sharing his shelter with now is one of those unknowns. Add to that the hunger of an unproductive day of scrounging, and he's finding it difficult to get comfortable this evening. He can't have been sitting for more than ten minutes at a time; almost as soon as he's down, he's back up again, arms crossed defensively over his chest as he paces across the room or simply stands by the hard wooden chair, deep in thought.

He starts a little at the sound of the other man's voice unexpectedly breaking through the silence. His fingers clench tightly in the fabric at his elbow, but he makes an effort to give his companion something resembling a wan smile. Even small, simple kindnesses like this are not something he ever expects from others. Not here, where resources are so scarce.]
I would, thank you.
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[Oddly enough, Edgeworth is as proud as they come...under ordinary circumstances. However, he's been here long enough to understand that pride is a luxury he can't always afford. He must ration it out with care, and his companion has done nothing to warrant such a display (yet).

The smile fades into his customary neutral mask as he digs into the box for a single cracker, taking care not to touch any of the others.]
As long as they can provide some semblance of nutritional value, it doesn't matter much what they taste like, does it?

[Still, that doesn't stop him from savoring the taste for a moment. Who would ever have guessed that an over-processed, cheese-adjacent product could taste so good under the right conditions?]
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'Decent'? I'm afraid you may be giving those a bit more credit than they have earned. [The quip is light, easy. Banter like this is a better source of morale for him than a bite of stale food will ever be. For the first time in a long while he settles back down in that uncomfortable chair with a sure grace that the town's harsh conditions haven't quite demolished yet.

He makes no other moves toward the box yet. The offer was for a cracker, and a cracker he received. He's not about to assume anything where someone else's scant food stores are concerned.]
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['Modern foods? An...odd choice of words'. Edgeworth cocks an eyebrow at him.] You prefer more traditional fare? [Not that preferences mean anything in a survival scenario, but it may at least give him a little insight into the other man's life prior to coming here.]
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[Edgeworth can't help but smirk at that.] In my hometown it's still possible to find 'modern' food that tastes as advertised. One just has to be a more discriminating shopper.
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[Edgeworth is not.]

I beg your pardon? [He stares at his companion as if he randomly decided to strip naked and crash through the window into the darkness beyond. Yes, the man's heavy accent marks him as not an American, but not from this time? The suggestion is absolutely ludicrous.]
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[And a hint of irritation in Edgeworth's. If there's one thing he can't stand it's not having all the answers.] So it would seem. Care to enlighten me?

[He's already prepared to question anything the man tells him. This town has shown him some inexplicable things, but he draws the line at time travel. Mental illness resulting in delusions, whether brought on by their current conditions or predating the town, seems a far more likely source.]
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[Edgeworth crosses his arms again, scowling.] I see. And when you tell people that, do they typically accept it without question?
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Across realities? [He shakes his head and spreads his arms in an exceedingly condescending fashion.] I'll reluctantly admit I don't yet have an explanation for some of the things I've seen here, but I've seen no evidence to suggest this isn't the same world I've lived on all my life. A few unexplained elements don't automatically equate to inter-dimensional time travel.
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I can't say I've had the pleasure. I suppose they were extremely convincing.

[But convincing by the standards of a man who is--or thinks he is--from the 1920s or the standards of someone firmly ensconced in the Computer Age?]
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[Edgeworth meets his look, his eyes narrowed in warning.] Your concern is appreciated.

[After a significant pause, he leans back in the chair and makes an encouraging gesture. The sharp edge in his voice softens into casual politeness.] These anomalies and 'people who aren't human'... What can you tell me about them? If I'm sure to encounter them eventually I need to be prepared.
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[A smirk crosses Edgeworth's lips, somewhere between mischievous and biting.] We have quite a bit of time to kill, Mr. Solomons. But if you can think of a better way to spend it, by all means, don't let me keep you.
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[The tightening of his smirk is the only overt evidence that Edgeworth is irritated that his companion called his bluff. Well, there's nothing to be done about it now. He gambled and (for now) he lost. Pride (and the slim possibility that Solomons really doesn't want to talk to him any longer) keeps him from pressing the matter further.]

Of course. [Without another word he rose from his chair and resumed pacing restlessly around the room, idly examining its nooks and crannies.]
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[Edgeworth straightens up from his examination of the small, barren fireplace in the corner of the room. Still no explanation on the anomalies or non-humans yet, but all information has value.] I'm familiar with SD cards. Are they common around here? I had wondered, after I found my tablet.
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[Edgeworth nods and immediately kneels to examine the inside of the fireplace more thoroughly, sifting through the ashes, moving broken bricks, and even rapping the sides with his knuckle, hunting for hidden hollows. He calls back over his shoulder] What sort of information do they typically contain?
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I do. [he says without looking up from his investigation.] Do people share their contents on the network? Is there a central location where I could access all of the information that has been acquired thus far?
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[Edgeworth finally looks up from his investigation. He watches his companion for a moment before getting slowly to his feet and brushing himself off. There are fresh ash stains on the knees of his bespoke pants. He approaches the couch and stands over Solomons, looking down at the page full of videos displayed on his tablet.]

May I--? [he starts, holding a hand out for the other man's tablet, but he realizes immediately his mistake and turns it into a gesture towards the seat beside him. Tablets only work for their registered users. Either Solomons will have to share the tablet with him or he'll have to go get his own.]
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[Edgeworth frowns, a question in his eyes, as he accepts the tablet and hesitantly starts to watch the videos, one by one. The frown deepens the further he goes. All of these could be the results of very advanced movie-making tricks. However, something whispers inside him that it can't, won't be that easy. Nothing about the videos feels faked or off in any way.]

[He watches the nurse's incredibly violent death without flinching, but after the last video ends he stares at the screen for a while longer before he speaks.]
If they are fakes, they are very good ones. The question is...what, if anything, are they meant to tell us?