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[Ever since everyone in Norfinbury had taken control of the town's dimension-hopping technology, Alfie has stayed on his own world, never visiting anybody else. At first, he'd even been a little leery about the idea of anybody - close friends included - coming to visit him. But by now he's much more accustomed to the idea, and the Riyria duo has an open invitation to pop over whenever they want to.

When Royce and Hadrian come by for visits, Alfie allows them more reign to wander around the bakery than most. There are times - usually during his meetings - when it's "workers only" and off-limits even for them, but for the rest of the time, he trusts them not to do or say anything stupid. They know how this sort of business works. They don't need his constant supervision. And when they show up today, Ollie doesn't hesitate to usher them in.]

Are you looking for Alfie? He's in the back.
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[ Royce makes his way through the bakery with the sort of confidence that comes from having been here before, several times. He offers Ollie a little wave, and makes his way to the back first - Hadrian is friends with other people in the bakery, which means he has quite a few more people to say hello to, catch up with.

Royce, for the most part, is not interested in seeing anybody except for Alfie. He's had quite enough socializing with the elves. And besides, this time, he has someone to introduce to a one Mr. Solomons.

She's very happy to be here, climbing her way through the bakery. Royce keeps an eye on her to make sure she doesn't break anything, but for the most part, she's a well-behaved little girl. When they reach the back, where Alfie's residing, she darts to between his legs and hides under his cloak, and Royce smiles for the briefest second before rapping on the wall to get Alfie's attention. ]
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[ Aw, no, Alfie's warm welcome gets Royce to grin. He can't help it! Look, they'd only known each other for a few months, but it'd been a bond forged in hell. Royce is always going to be pleased to see him.

When Alfie mentions the extra pair of legs, Royce laughs quietly, pushing his cloak out of the way to reveal a little girl watching Alfie with a cautious look. She squeaks and hides behind Royce's leg, and Royce looks up at Alfie, amused. ]

Have I? [ He moves closer, and a protesty sound comes out from his cloak. ] What have I outdone you on?
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[ She squints up at him from where she's hiding until Royce nudges at her. Huff! The little girl scowls at him, and it is remarkably like Royce. ]

... Hi. [ She mumbles, and Royce suppresses a laugh. ] Solomons, this is Mercy.

[ His introduction has her peeking out further, wild hair in her face. Alfie seems nice, at least. ]
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I'm a princess, so - so no, you wouldn't! [ Mercy insists, and Royce reaches to push her hair out of her face. His voice is fond when he speaks next: ] Behave, Mercedes.

[ Huff, huff. Mercy chills out, leaning heavily against her dad's leg. Royce affectionately runs his fingers through her messy hair, which she begrudgingly allows. It makes her look less cool in front of Alfie, who she's heard a lot about, but she likes it, so. ]

A lot has happened since we saw each other last. [ Royce remarks. ]
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[ Royce casually just scoops Mercy up, and that finally gets her to giggle, koala-clinging to Royce as he moves to the couch. It's a weird difference in the way he moves, the way he is around her. He's still a little unsure, but - his practice with Emily helped.

Once he's settled, Mercy climbs into his lap. ]

I want to know what it was you were hinting about, first. [ Royce says, brushing Mercy's hair out with his fingers. ]
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[ Imagine Royce in a suit. Now imagine Royce squirming uncomfortably in that suit and hating his entire life the whole time he had to be in that suit. But hey. He went!

He's also smiling a bit at Alfie's praise - Mercy hums her agreement, eyes bright and on Alfie, and Royce takes a moment to marvel at how easy it is to pull her closer. He'd never thought... he'd just never thought, is all. ]

I've met your wife. [ He confirms. And Royce liked her! A beat, and then Royce raises his eyebrows. Ahhh, he gets it! ] Solomons. Girl or boy? How old?
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[ Aw, Alfie. Royce is not typically huge on grinning, but the look on Alfie's face is enough to get Royce to smile. A week. A little girl, like Mercy. Royce is infinitely pleased for him and it shows on his face. Even Mercy is intrigued. ]

I wanna see! [ Mercy says excitedly, and Royce nods. ] We'll stay. I've nothing in particular to do back home. Arista knows where we are.

[ Mercy squeaks happily at this news. Royce continues: ] Hadrian's here as well. And congratulations, I think, is what I should say here.

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[It's no surprise Hadrian befriends criminals like Alfie and Alfie's bunch. Aside from being good-natured, he's pretty much criminal himself. (Also, he has been friends with a Super Criminal for years and years.)

While Royce and Mercy go on, Hadrian sweeps the bakery from front to back, telling everyone hello and catching up. It gives Royce time alone with Alfie without him involved, and gives Royce time to introduce Mercy.

The boys try real hard to get Hadrian to try some of the goods, but he declines. For now. Better to not be trashed before even stepping into the office to see Alfie. On the way in, Royce and Mercy are on the way out for some air and to show Mercy around a bit. Hadrian hefts her up high over his head, then puts her back on her feet before telling them to be careful and he'll catch up. Royce gives him a hint about certain news.

Politely, he raps his knuckles on the open door when he steps inside.]
What's this I hear about someone celebrating a birth day?
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[HOLY SHIT. He could have sworn Royce was pulling his leg the way Royce had been smirking, but he never imagined--

He could imagine, but considering it had only been three-fourths of a year since they had last been! Already! Had it really been almost eight or nine months?! The surprise shows clearly on Hadrian's face. He's nowhere near as good as Royce with hiding emotion unless acting is clearly life or death.

As if he thinks he'll wake the baby, Hadrian creeps closer until he can bend down to see better. He tries not to get in their space, too afraid even breathing on the thing will disturb it.]
Would you look at that? [A grin breaks out on his face.] I'm shocked it didn't come out with a full beard and a few rings.

[His voice gets more gentle.] It's a girl, isn't it? What's her name?
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Anna. [Honestly, Hadrian is delighted by Alfie's incomprehensibility of the miracle of a baby. It's sickeningly cute. About as sick as having to watch Royce tend diligently to Mercy.] I don't think they even need to. [Small baby fingers, too precious for this world.]

If you think that's amazing, wait until you have to change her. [Hadrian straightens with the light crack of his back, but then turns and sits gently down on the couch beside Alfie. Close enough to watch the baby, but far enough to give Alfie some space.

He looks between the two of them.]
She's beautiful. Must get it from Renee. [He gives Alfie's arm a bit of a light thwap. Teasing.] Congratulations. I can't believe it's been that long. For, you know... babies.
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It's the polite thing to do. [He smiles a little, then peers down at the baby.] And it also helps us keep our sanity, I think.

Please tell me you made Royce hold her. For more than five minutes. [It's a shame he fucking missed it really. And that, you know, cameras are only just starting to be a thing. He's gonna need a picture of that, Royce holding a small baby.]
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You missed out on a good opportunity. [But he's smiling still, so he gets it.] You sound like Royce. One stubbed Mercedes toe, and the entire world is ending. I'm sure you take good care of her.

Oh no. [Both brows go up, and he nods at the baby.] Oh no, here it comes. [There it is, the tiniest, sweetest yawn in existence.] I wish I could sleep for eighteen hours a day.
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[Hadrian can't help but laugh about it. Frankly, he'd be the same way, but listen, it's more amusing when you're not on that end of things. Small treasures.

It's good it's a girl, too, he thinks. Same with Royce. Softens hardened men up a little.]
Hopefully, it won't be something you ever get use to at all.

Even if you end up with six more running around the place. Your bakery might actually turn out to be just a bakery after all.

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