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Alfie Solomons ([personal profile] devoutish) wrote in [community profile] wickedchouette2016-09-03 03:06 pm

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[When Hyperion pulled out of Pandora, many of the gangs that had operated under their noses came out in full force to fill the power vacuum. Of those gangs, the Solomons gang was one of the biggest, the most prolific, and the most powerful. Unlike many, they were a family gang - close and tight-knit, and intensely loyal to each other (if not always to their outsider allies). And their formidable leader, Alfie Solomons, was notorious for always being at the top of his game.

Another thing the Solomons were known for was working with the little people - mainly the thieves and pickpockets who roamed the streets of Hollow Point, the town that the gang operated out of. Of course, not every small-time thief was brave enough to get tangled up with a bigger gang. But the ones that were... those were the ones that Alfie took notice of. Those were the ones that could potentially be useful.]

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