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[The former Snowhellions had been very lucky to be able to, eventually, find a way to take control of whatever powers had brought them to Norfinbury. Even luckier, they'd been able to stabilize them, effectively giving themselves a portal to the multiverse - or, at least, to each other's worlds. Some people went home. Some people went to their friends' worlds. And no matter where they ended up, most took advantage of their newfound freedom to visit and explore.

Alfie was not one of those people. It's been a year and a half now, and he hasn't left his world once. He allows visitors selectively. A few people essentially have carte blanche to swing by - and by now, John is one of them. Mostly, Alfie has showed him around the city - but today, he has something a little different in mind.

The Camden Town of Alfie's day is a lot smoggier than John will be used to. It's loud and chaotic as they walk down the road, particularly as they get closer to the docks. Ahead of them, Alfie's bakery building looms large.]

It'll be a busy day. Yeah, it's race day; everyone from the neighborhood will be coming by to place their bets.

[That's one of the reasons why Alfie has decided to let Watson visit today. Plenty of illegal business will be going on, but none of it will be the stuff that he'll object to. Alfie doesn't have any meetings or special events going on. His gun isn't likely to come out.]
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[John's taken full advantage to go exploring in other worlds in the intervening time since leaving Norfinbury. This particular version of London has become a more familiar stop-over than most other places, though. He can go back to his world at any time... time's stopped there for him until he returns. It's just never seemed the right time to go back. And between chasing after Fiona and Rhys on Pandora, getting a taste of the actual Avengers universe (comic and movies), and a slew of other places, he's happy to just keep... putting it off and come back to a sort of surrogate home in the 1920s.

A quick stop at a shop on arrival has netted him some clothes that don't stick out quite as much as his usual jumpers and jeans. His eyes are bright, even with the smog as he walks with Alfie toward the bakery. This a first on one of his visits, though he's heard about the place. Moonshine! Honestly, it's a little exciting, even if he shouldn't be approving of illegal activities. It's hard to be bothered by something as harmless as bootleg liquor and illegal gambling today.]

Feeling good about any of the horses, yourself, or do you not bet on the races?
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[John follows the line of Alfie's gaze and wave. He's tempted to ask what might be coming in or going out, but decides it's probably better not to for what's coming in. What's going out is obviously the liquor.]

And you're just doing your part to collect a little of that blood? Keeping it off the streets.

[It's said half-teasing.]
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But you don't want to take my money? That's almost sweet, mate. [Not that he has a whole lot of money from this era on him. Taking the odd little medical consult while he's visiting has paid, but he's mostly seeing Alfie, and that doesn't require much cash on hand.]

Looks like a good man, your Bobby. But I'm looking forward to meeting Renee. How long has it been since you two were stepping out, then? You'll have to give me a date for a wedding when you've got proposing to her settled, y'know?
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[John's beginning to wonder just how many people are in Alfie's gang, proper. He's never asked, but it does seem like everyone seems to know who he is. His general personality outlook back in Norfinbury make more sense for it, if nothing else. He nearly waves back to a few of the men on reflex, but manages to keep his hands down at his side. He knows they're not giving a shout-out to him. The personal crowd-parting business is a rather nice touch. Being small and unobtrusive had generally meant having to bull his way through crowds in his native London.]

Only modern ones. Don't imagine they're too much like yours. There was a canopy and they stepped on a glass? Am I only going to be allowed to dance with the other men? ... am I going to be able to dance?

[Because he's picturing something out of "Fiddler on the Roof," honestly.]
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I honestly don't think I know any dances of men with men outside the Electric Slide and YMCA. And I don't reckon you've got either of those on. [Nor are they particularly gender-specific. Alfie probably won't approve of grinding, either.] You're gonna have to show me something to practice or I'll be a complete mess at the reception.
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[No, it doesn't. He doesn't want to be the lame friend standing on the sidelines, Alfie. Really? He just clucks his tongue; though, his mock-huff doesn't last. John can't help grinning when he sees the dog, and he reaches down to pet his ears briefly. He's been considering getting a dog to take with him in his travels, but that's asking for something unfortunate to happen, probably.]

Sure. I've never been to an old-fashion one. Everything's online these days. Am I going to meet the infamous Ollie while I'm here this time, by the by?

[He follows swiftly behind Alfie, eyes darting about like a tourist. Really, he is one here, for all intents and purposes.]
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[John raises a brow at the lad that gets kicked. Alfie never ceases to confuse him with how considerate he can be while simultaneously being one of the most annoying dicks he's ever met when the spirit moves him. It's one of things that sets him apart from Sherlock, certainly, who didn't really... understand how to be warm except in very rare instances. Usually to Mrs. Hudson or to John.]

Public servant you lot are. Why is it he thinks your lads will let him get away with betting? D'you bring in a lot of new people often?

[What's the job turnover rate for the average gangster, Alfie? But then Ollie is pointed out and John's attention is diverted.]

Oh, he looks a bit busy. Is it all right to interrupt? I don't want to bother him while he's working just to say hullo, random stranger I've never actualy met. Bit awkward that.
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[John smiles up at Ollie at the start, offering him his hand to shake, then turning to look over at Alfie as he carries on. Really? That's the story they're going with?]

Off playing country doctor out on the moors, that's me, yeah. [Alfie, he hates you.] Nice to meet you, Ollie. Feel free to call me John. Nice operation you've got going here. Bit loud.
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[John casts a glance over at Alfie and smirks.]

Oh, I think I'll manage. Had a bit of frostbite back in my day.

[He taps his right ear, which is... not all there. For better or worse, he'd never died in Norfinbury. Lucky him, the Admin had never healed some of the scars.]

But how's all this work, then? Blokes come up to the counter, place their bets and get slips or something? Who's the favorite to win today?
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[There's another amused glance in Alfie's direction.]

I've been told I shouldn't gamble by the morally righteous among us. I'm open to other opinions, of course, sinner that I am.
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I can handle wine and women just as well, thank you. If you've got any of that.
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Think I'll skip that for now, but I am a whiskey man, if I'm drinking properly. Maybe once we're finished touring, hmm? And meeting; I'd hate to embarrass you being on the drink, mate.
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Are you sure it's not me she'll like better off the drink? Not turning you to a life of prayer and proper virtue, is she, mate?

I'll skip the drink, though, yeah. [For now, anyway.] How's it work for all of this, though? I thought betting was legal? Don't see why there's anything off here. [He gestures broadly to the betting house floor.]
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[Right, well. If this is as nefarious as Alfie gets--it's not and they both know John's being shown the nicer sides of the business--things should be fine.]

Do the police really come and bother you for either? I know you said you don't like paying them off. They just ignore you to be polite?
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[John can only raise his brows at that, following after Alfie to the office. He doesn't hide it as he looks around curiously, taking in what effects might be present.]

So this is where they happen? Your deals.
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Makes sense. [Really, if you're going to be a crime lord, running things on your own turf is probably safer. He tries not to think about that for the moment.] Could do with a window. Ever considered a skylight? It'll save on the electricity. Lamp oil. Whatever.

[When was London electrified? John can't even remember. It had to have been around now that things were picking up. Maybe?]
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[John snorts at that.]

S'pose not. Might ruin the atmosphere. Still, if you ever upgrade to a high-rise building in the future, consider taking one of the corner offices for yourself. Nicer views. You can impress clients.
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Not a clue. Wait a few years and invest in a few good properties, particularly in the financial district. And yes, this is me trying to turn you legitimate again.

Become a real estate mogul, Alfie. I believe in you.
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[John huffs a laugh and runs a hand through his hair.]

Yeah, reckon it would be. Better to live hard and die young. Well, youngish in our cases. [Although, technically, they can both say they've already died youngish in Norfinbury.] You can't blame me for trying. I'll leave you be about it, then.

Anything interesting to show me in here, then? Apart from the lack of windows.
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[John raises a brow.]

If she's not doing anything. I'd rather it be her wanting to come up than someone sending her.

[But what would he like to see? There are two places that come to mind immediately.]

And I wouldn't mind seeing what Baker Street looks like, this day and age. Or Bart's.
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[His arm doesn't need to be twisted that much.]

Yeah, all right. I'd like that. Anything I should know about her? Things she doesn't like? Topics I shouldn't mention?

[John wants to make the best impression on Alfie's future wife, after all. Not that he expects there's much competition for respectability given Alfie's other associates.]
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[John cocks his head slightly.]

You haven't been able to tell her? Or anyone else?

[He knows it would drive him up a wall not to have anyone to talk to.]
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[Well, Alfie has him there.]

I haven't really been home, mate.

[As it goes.]
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[John just glances away for a moment and shrugs.]

I know what home is like. It'll be there.
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Yeah. Problem with that? [It's not exactly defensive, but there's a note of challenge there.]