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[He doesn't talk about it much, but Pitch actually goes a little stir-crazy in Haven sometimes. Of course, that doesn't mean he dislikes it in the city-- he's visible to everyone, and there's plenty of fear (the right kind of fear, even), so he can't complain about that. But he's used to having an entire planet as his playground, and here he can't even get from one quadrant of the city to another without walking. It's maddening.

Right now he's making his nighttime rounds in Haven West, wishing for the umpteenth time that he could just shadow-step over to the North and check things out over there really quickly. He's so distracted by his thoughts that at first, he doesn't even notice the small, colorful figure flying around a good twenty feet above his head. When he does notice, though, he isn't pleased. He immediately stalks into the closest shadow and teleports himself up onto the top of a nearby rooftop-- where he just stands, and stares, and waits.]


[He says it loudly enough that she should be able to hear him, if she hasn't already spotted him.]
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[It started with a niggling in her tummy: a slight unease Toothiana chalked up to the disconnect between this world and home. Soon, however, the unease morphed into discomfort; she swears something's watching her. Waiting. Then her discomfort freezes into dread, and it's like some oozy, tarry substance threatening to goop up her wings and immobilize her.]

I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding. [She coos the reassurance to Baby Tooth, not once believing her words. Frightening the little fairy, however, is out of the question. Which is why she smiles brightly before darting off five feet ahead, staring off into the distance. Darkness. So she zooms off in another direction. Stops. Studies. Still that inky blackness. Dark. It reminds her too much of an old enemy.

Baby Tooth's sudden franticness, the way she flits around Toothiana's head, squeaking in displeasure, has her pausing, then spinning in place to see just what -]


[Her fingers itch for blades she doesn't have.]

What are you doing here?
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[A widening of the eyes.] Months? [That explains why he looks so much better, stronger now. Not at all like she, Bunny, and North, when only one child still believed.

How though? It hadn't even been an hour since his defeat!]

Did you wake up in the... pretzel pile, too?
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Oh, I see. [No, she doesn't. Tooth's silent for a beat, mind reeling with the strangeness of this place. Her short time here's been filled with surprise after surprise: waking up in a pile of bodies - bodies that can see and feel her; the feeling of disconnect from their home (like some gaping wound in her chest); seeing Pitch Black out and about.

All of it's enough to distract her from any remaining hostility toward him.]

Are there other spirits here?
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[Smug Pitch. She gazes heavenwards. He would try to rub this in.]

I mean spirits in general.

You know that's not true. [A bright smile.] How can I be all alone if you're here?


On second thought...]
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[Right over his head. Probably a good thing.

Though what's he going on about - an automatic package deal? The absurdity of that surprises a laugh out of her.]

I've spent plenty of time without the others, you know.
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[All the more reason it's a pity he didn't get it.]

Recent events, called for the-- [She air quotes, lips tilting up in an amused smile.] --'packaged deal.' [How silly.] But that amount of time spent together's like the blink of an eye.
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[She wouldn't go that far. They're still her allies, still her friends.]

Boogeyman talk won't work on me. [Dontcha know you can't scare the tooth fairy, mister?]

If these powers brought me here, then maybe they believe you've taken your fear mongering a little too far again.
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[If she had eyebrows...]

That explains one thing, then.
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You. [She zips closer - not too close, just enough to give him a proper once over. Baby Tooth hovers by her shoulder, shooting him a glare.] You look like you've gorged yourself on fear.
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[Some punishment... She wrinkles her nose.]

You said the one in charge here likes danger.

Dangerous even for us?
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[Is that why he's not so openly hostile, as he was back home? The persistent buzzing of her wings comes to a screeching halt, as feet land softly on the rooftop. In its wake: suffocating silence.

...Just what sort of force resided here, to make even the boogeyman appear slightly subdued?]

Did you fight?
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[She returns his look with one that practically screams: yes, idiot!]

And yet you know they're more powerful than us.
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Pulling us here doesn't mean they're-- [A chill dances down her spine.] Your... memories?

[She erupts into motion. Wings buzzing, body darting every which way - sending Baby Tooth tumbling aside from the sheer violence of her reaction. It's almost like she's forgotten he's even there, as she squawks over the absurdity of such a statement, because how dare they touch someone's memories! Even his!

And what's this? She's hovering before him once her tirade ceases, lips tugged down in a frown, touching him, as she attempts to coax his mouth open. He still has his teeth, right?]
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But-- [His rough swat drives her back, earning him a a look that's cross between a pout and a glare. Rude! Still, she hovers nearby, wringing her teensy hands.

How is she supposed to preserve one's memories if - if...]


[Uh oh, she's fidgeting again. And eyeing his mouth, as if trying to will him to open it so she can inspect all those teeth.]
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[The glare receives a sigh, and soon, she smooths the feathers on her front down. Getting worked up - especially around him - won't do anything; it'll just make her start molting.]

Why are you being so... helpful? [Well, as helpful as Pitch Black can be, anyway.]
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[Yep, not buying it, but she'll play along.]

As if I'd touch them. [Ew, boogieman germs. She's not that desperate.] I just want to make sure they're all there.