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Alfie Solomons ([personal profile] devoutish) wrote in [community profile] wickedchouette2017-06-18 09:20 pm

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[It's still a novelty to wake up warm. Alfie revels in it a while, drifting in a half-awake state, comforted by the knowledge that he doesn't really have anywhere to be. It's shaping up to be a typical morning in the Meadous... until he cracks an eye open and sees a fox sitting on the floor next to the bed, its nose only a couple of inches away from his face.

He's aware that he should be intensely weirded out by this. He should want to jump up out of bed and shoo the animal out of the house with a broom. And yet... he doesn't. This feels normal. This fox is supposed to be with him - and more than that, it is him, in some weird way. Alfie has no idea how he knows this, but that doesn't affect his conviction in any way.

Without taking his eyes off the creature, he digs an elbow into the side of the man lying next to him.]

Royce. Wake up.

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