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Tiffany Doggett ([personal profile] tucky) wrote in [community profile] wickedchouette2015-04-08 07:28 pm

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[When it comes to wardens, Tiffany throws her file around like candy. If one she didn't particularly like or trust asked to see it, she'd be reluctant and possibly try to get out of it - but she both likes and trusts Louise, so when she'd asked if she could see it, Tiffany had had no problem handing it over. It hadn't been a big deal to her - she'd done it, and then immediately put it out of her mind.

Because of this, she doesn't make any connections or assumptions when Louise asks her to come over a day or two later. She just swings on by, casual and relaxed, and knocks on the door.]

Hey, it's me.

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