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Pitch Black ([personal profile] timor) wrote in [community profile] wickedchouette2015-02-25 04:15 pm

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[He doesn't talk about it much, but Pitch actually goes a little stir-crazy in Haven sometimes. Of course, that doesn't mean he dislikes it in the city-- he's visible to everyone, and there's plenty of fear (the right kind of fear, even), so he can't complain about that. But he's used to having an entire planet as his playground, and here he can't even get from one quadrant of the city to another without walking. It's maddening.

Right now he's making his nighttime rounds in Haven West, wishing for the umpteenth time that he could just shadow-step over to the North and check things out over there really quickly. He's so distracted by his thoughts that at first, he doesn't even notice the small, colorful figure flying around a good twenty feet above his head. When he does notice, though, he isn't pleased. He immediately stalks into the closest shadow and teleports himself up onto the top of a nearby rooftop-- where he just stands, and stares, and waits.]


[He says it loudly enough that she should be able to hear him, if she hasn't already spotted him.]

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